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Bench to Sofa Table


We’ve been continually tweaking/modifying our living room to our liking. Still not sure if we have it figured out but we are at least one step closer to our end goal. In a recent redesign we decided to float our couches off the wall and face one another. This created a bunch of empty space behind both pieces of furniture…

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If you like to put up a natural Christmas tree each year, but you hate that it gets brittle and brown before you make it through New Years, try this do-it-yourself recipe for a Christmas tree preservative that will put a halt to early needle-dropping. We bought our Christmas tree yesterday at a local nursery and we put it up…

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Stained Pallets


It wasn’t too long ago that my garage was filled with old pallets. They were quickly dismantled, sorted, and then re-used in various projects. One of which was a quick and simple headboard. The other was an even quicker project of just adding a board of two to make a piece of wall decor. Both of these pieces sat unfinished…

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A few months ago, our sweet friends Ashley and Casey asked if I would consider helping them turn their current dining room into a home office. They felt like their dining room wasn’t getting much use, and would function better as personal work space. I was thrilled that they asked me to help them re-think their space, since they both…

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Pallet Boxes


Believe it or not, I still have some remnants of the pallets that I brought home during the summer. Our new console table was itching for some friends so I decided to whip up some small boxes to go underneath it. Partially to hide some of our electronics and partially to fill the space. To build them, I started with…

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After becoming finalist on a Facebook contest, asked us to submit a short blog about the room that was entered. Shortly after it was posted, our table started showing up on Pinterest. Check it out for yourself;  If you don’t have a Pinterest account and want one let me know, I’ll send you an invite…’s Awesome!

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A lot of folks have been interested in my cut list for our Farmhouse Table, so I thought I’d just post it here for anyone who’s interested. It’s an Excel Sheet and I made a few comments. Use at your own risk and be sure to check the measurements for yourself. I’ve also tweaked it some for other various size…

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If you haven’t noticed already, I love to build things from scraps around the house. I hold onto just about any usable size piece of wood. This also then extends to other miscellaneous items…one of which was a large mirror removed from our hallway bathroom, details found here. The mirror has been sitting in my garage tucked against the wall for…

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We have recently rearranged our living room furniture which has then lead to lots of other changes. The biggest pressing issue was what to do with our TV? I had always wanted to mount the TV above the fireplace and then run the wires under the house to a media closet that I have already prepped. However, with our extremely…

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A New Foyer Light


We finally replaced our foyer light, and it has been a long time coming. This fixture (above) has been my constant reminder that our house was built in the 1980s. I had my eye on this Hundi Lantern from Pottery Barn: But at $299 (currently on sale for $239), it was about $100 more than we were prepared to spend….

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2 Legit 2 Cut


A couple people have asked me how to cut out the notches for the table legs and the stretchers… I decided to create a little video of how I do it. To create a notch, I measure my table saw blade and ensure that it’s at 3.5”, I make my first cut, then I set the blade to measure approximately…

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72” Table


Shawty whatcha think? The Restoration Hardware table that was the inspiration for our dining room is listed at two sizes; one at 96” long and one at 72”. The 96” runs for about $3195 and the 72” costs $2595. It was only a matter of time before I had the opportunity to build a smaller table. I just finished one…

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Who Wants a Table?


I’ve been overwhelmingly encouraged by seeing how many times are table has been “pinned,” and “repinned,” on pinterest. We entered a facebook contest and were so humbled to have made it as a top 5 finalist along with some other extremely talented designers/decorators. Perfectly honest, we were really bummed to not have won the first place prize of $2500. Also…

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The Blueprints


In my opinion, every toolbox needs a handful of pencils and a notebook. Not pens or markers but actually pencils. Most of things that I build I need to draw out on paper to figure out the engineering of how it’ll all work. The notebook that I keep in my toolbox is chalked full of past sketches, doodles, and projects…

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Pallet Shelves


I’m still looking for some uses for all my pallet wood, so I decided to add a couple of shelves in my garage. I took a couple of 2x4”s from the pallets, nailed them into the exposed wall studs, and then cut some of the pickets to length and nailed those to the 2x4”s. A couple minutes later and I…

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This rainy Saturday was a total gift. Tommy and I both got to work on projects we’ve been wanting to tackle for a couple weeks now. I saw this fall “initial” wreath on Pinterest a few weeks ago and immediately repinned it for myself. I’ve pinned a bunch of potential projects off of Pinterest and let’s just say this is…

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Arched Mirror


Oh arched mirrors….I have stalked you in Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs catalogues for so long. And now, we own one. This post should really be titled, thanks Wrights, for allowing me to purchase something for our home that I have wanted all summer. These sweet friends gave us a couple of Pier 1 gift cards to purchase something special….

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Roadside Freebie


So this happened a while ago but I thought it would be worth sharing. We’re always looking for a good deal; checking out thrift stores, antique stores, Habitat for Humanity: Restore, and creepily strolling by yard sales. Essentially, we keep our eyes open at all moments to find things that are free/cheap but could be turned into something awesome….i.e Free…

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My Apologies


Our time becomes much, much, much more limited during the school year as ministry cranks up, time is spent with volunteer leaders, with students, at football games, running meetings/events, and countless hours spent wherever teenagers are hanging out. But, I’m hopeful to get back into the routine of posting the little things that we do each week or some of…

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