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2 Legit 2 Cut

A couple people have asked me how to cut out the notches for the table legs and the stretchers… I decided to create a little video of how I do it.

To create a notch, I measure my table saw blade and ensure that it’s at 3.5”, I make my first cut, then I set the blade to measure approximately 7” and make my last cut. Once I have those cuts, I make several small incremental cuts. After those are all cut, I take a chisel and knock out the small pieces. Once that’s done, I have a rough cut piece of wood like pictured above. The video then explains the rest. It’s a little dangerous and there might be a better method out there……but this is what works for me. Hope it helps.

This video is for entertainment purposes only and I am not responsible for any consequences as a result of trying to duplicate these efforts.


Click Here: Notch

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