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Ways to Help

Since Tucker’s arrival ,in July of 2012, we’ve been so blessed and encouraged by the willingness of others to support our family throughout this entire process. Gift cards, meals, toys, books, and financial contributions have aided us along the way to finally bring Tucker HOME. The in-patient hospital stays are over but there are still a few ways to help.

Certainly, prayer for Tucker is a big need still at this point. We’re praying for his lungs to heal quickly and completely, for him to make significant progress on catching up on some developmental delays, for wisdom concerning Tucker’s severe reflux and when would be an appropriate time for surgery, and for him to stay so sweet and happy.

In terms of day-to-day needs, some friends and family have rallied around us and have created a Tucker fund to help cover medical expenses, travel expenses, and loss of income as a result of Ellie needing to resign to be with Tucker in Boston. Effective July 8th, 2013, a large portion of this fund will go towards our new monthly insurance premium of $1600 for continued coverage. There’s two simple ways to contribute to this fund.


  • Buy a professional portrait from Ellie’s mom….and she’ll donate 100% of the proceeds to the Tucker fund. Check out her work by clicking here….or visiting her site directly @
Sample Portrait by Emilie Saunders

If you’re interested in an update on how Tucker’s doing right now…click here.