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Bedside Tables

We’ve made some progress on our guest room over the last couple months. We started with a clean slate and moved any furniture that we had out of the room. The dresser was painted and put in the nursery, the pallet headboard and bed were sold, and the IKEA bookcase was relocated. So all we had in the guest room was a bed. We were in need of some bedside tables, but didn’t really see anything that we were super excited about and that we could afford….so I decided to whip up some bedside tables with all the various scraps I have laying around.

I utilized some plans from Ana-White and customized based on the measurements that I needed as well as the scraps that I had available.

We debated on stain or paint….and we thought it would be good to drop some fun colors from the bedspread onto the bedside tables. I used some sample paint colors that we had sitting around and it was supposed to turn out a vibrant yellow. It looked great down in the garage and as soon as we brought them upstairs against the bright green that’s on the walls….the color got washed out. We may need to repaint them….but for now, it’ll serve it’s function.

For painting….I was excited to try out spraying again with my HVLP. I got some great coverage but it turned out a little gritty… my latest secret for creating a nice/smooth finish has been to apply several coats of paint, then buff it down with 220 grit just a little bit, then apply a coat or two of Polycrylic (whatever finish you want….I like semi-gloss), buff that down with 22o grit, and then apply one last coat of Polycrylic. I haven’t tried spraying it with Polycrylic, but I think that could work out great too.

Here’s a little gallery of the bedside tables.



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