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iTable and Benches Sneak Peek

iTable and Matching Benches. Sneak Peek @

As a camp fundraiser, I’ve mentioned to some high school guys that if they find someone to buy a table and then build it with me…..we’ll use all the money to send them to camp. One of my good friends immediately took me up on the offer and found someone who wanted a 4′x4′ table with 4 benches to go around it.

How in the world could a bench fit around a 4′ wide table?

48″ table, minus 4″ table overhang x 2, minus 3.5″ table post x 2, minus a 6″ gap to snugly slide the benches in and out, equals a bench width of 27″. That’s not a very wide bench… I needed to come up with a new/different design that would maximize the width between each table leg so that the bench width could be maximized. That’s when I came across a sweet set of coffee table plans from Ana-White. I modified them accordingly and turned it into a 4′x4′ table with 14″ x 36″ benches.

They’ve been stained and sealed since these pictures were taken…..but here’s a little sneak peek.

iTable with 4 Benches Sneak Peek.

Close-Up of iTable with 4 Benches Sneak Peek.

Close-Up of iTable Top Sneak Peek.

Close-Up of iTable Benches Sneak Peek.

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