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Hopefully this isn’t annoying….but the next few days I’m going to be updating some old posts on our half-bath. Hope they inspire.

 Remember when I said I wanted to stencil our half bath with this great “Folk Flower” stencil from Royal Design Studio?

Remember when I thought it would take me only a Sunday afternoon to complete this project and it’s now Wednesday and I am still working on it?

Well, maybe the second statement was just a conversation between Tommy and myself.

There were several times this week where I thought: this project might kill me. (Kidding).

But seriously, stenciling is a lot of work!

Note to self: stenciling requires time, patience, a fair amount of skill, and a husband who won’t come into the bathroom (as you’re standing on top of a toilet trying to stencil) and make fun of your stenciling skills.

Here are some photos of the progress. A complete half bathroom redo post is coming soon. (It’s about 75% of the way stenciled at the moment).


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