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Another Office Chair Refinished

If wasn’t too long after my office chair was painted that Ellie was pleading for us to find one for her side. We did a little searching and I was extremely surprised by what she picked out. I took the lime green seat cushion off too soon but here she is in all her beauty;

We took a risk buying this chair because it looked really short. Sure enough, it was. I ended up deciding to just build a new base to the height that we wanted. It has a pretty sweet auto-straighten lazy susan on it, so I disassembled it just below that point. I just put together some simple 2×2″ scraps and attached them to a piece of plywood.

I primed it, painted it, and applied two coats of General Arm-R-Seal on it. Ellie sewed to matching seat cushions for her chair and for mine.

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