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iPad Stand

With a his and hers double work station, I needed something to stake claim on which side was mine. Ellie’s side is complete with sewing machine, craft items, binders, and more. My side just had a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. Early on the construction process I decided to build a little iPad stand. I stumbled across some inspiration via Pinterest and decided to whip something up.

I had one piece of thick scrap pallet lying around measuring 36″, so I cut that into three pieces at 12″ a piece. This wasn’t quite enough to recreate what I saw, so I needed to find another short scrap piece and cut that at 12″.

My original plan was to keep it natural, so I didn’t want to use screws that would be seen. The only other thing that I had around to use was my framing nailer. I started by nailing (and wood glue) in the lip to the first pallet. Once I had that piece put together, I needed to try to figure out how to join the other two pieces to one another. Although I didn’t want to use screws, the only way that I could figure it out was to use my Kreg jig to drill pocket holes to attach them to one another. I screwed those two pieces together.

Then all I had to do was find the right angle that would be used to best view my iPad, clamp it together and use the framing nailer to put it all together.

I was hoping for the rusticness of it, so I applied a couple coats of polyurethane on it to seal it off. I ended up not liking the way it looked…so after it dried I threw some of the same teal as the desk onto it.

It took almost no time at all and it’s created a pretty functional little piece to hold my iPad, to mark my territory (sounds bad), and to make some use out of scrap wood.

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