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Cutting Board Organization

Here’s another straight forward post inspired by some Pinterest pictures. Our cutting boards have lived the majority of their life just leaning upright inside our bottom cabinet. The large wooden one is responsible for breaking at least one glass baking dish as a result of falling over. Time to fix that.


I started by locating some scrap wood that I thought would fit the bill. I have several long pieces measuring about 3/4″ x 1.5″. I then measured the width of the inset part of the back of my cabinet. For our cabinet it was exactly 17.5″….that would become the total width of the cutting board holder. I arbitrarily made the height of the holder approximately 9.5″. I quickly nailed together the frame using wood glue and my finish nailer. I also sanded it down a bit.


It fit snuggly inside the inset and I used some old “L” brackets to attach it to the door. I saw some pictures used just 2 “L” brackets but I ended up using 4. If I’m really bored one day, I may end up painting to match our cabinets.


This was a really simple project and is an amazing way of storing our cutting boards. Try it out!


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