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Flash Back: Our Kitchen

Flash Back Friday Wednesday: Our Kitchen

A couple of projects are in the works but I thought I’d spend a little time today to reminisce about where this blog all began. Our dining room gets the credit for beginning Ellie and I’s journey of redecorating/redesigning/recycling our whole house, but the kitchen gets the blame for motivating us to blog and document our adventures. Our kitchen is still a work in progress (future projects; new floors, install a backsplash), but I realized that we never really posted some before/after shots. We do some things in big batches but often times we just do one thing at a time and then get another idea and do that and then get another idea and do that and so forth and so on. Next thing we know, the whole room has come together better than we could have envisioned. So with all that being said….here’s our little flashback;

Originally posted July 15th


This is what we would call Phase One of our kitchen remodel. So far, so good??? What do you think? Any suggestions?

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