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After Ellie dropped several subtle hints about wanting to paint the guest bathroom, I decided to surprise her by painting it before she got home. I had just re-stained the vanity, found here, and Ellie wanted me to use some of the leftover paint from our living room, found here. Unfortunately, I had already used up that paint in an attempt to spruce up my office….but we did have plenty of “Rainwater,” paint leftover from our kitchen, found here. So I got out my paint gear and went to work.

I had just finished painting and cleaning up when Ellie got home. She was real excited about the paint and immediately went into decorating mode. We had an old shower curtain from our apartment days, we purchased a new lighting fixture from Habitat for Humanity’s Restore, a few small items from Home Goods, some clearance Bali blinds from Target, and then Ellie cut some of our daisies to finish it off.

You may notice that there are still a few things lacking…but don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted. One thing I learned……it’s really hard to take pictures of bathrooms.

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