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More Seating for Lyla

During Spring Break, I had a little extra time on my hands and so I finally got around to building a window bench seat that Ellie had requested. In my opinion we have a pretty large kitchen, we spend a large amount of time in/around the kitchen, and it’s the center of our house….so I get excited about adding more function to it. The kitchen island was the first step and bench seating was step #2.

I started off by doing a little framing. I basically created three separate frames just like you’d frame a wall, a top plate, a bottom plate, and studs every 16” on center. I also screwed in some 2”x4”s into the wall and into studs at about 17” tall. I wasn’t sure how permanent I wanted to make this window bench, so I tried to minimize anything that couldn’t be undone easily. In some of the pics you can see that I just notched out where the two electric outlets are.

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