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Farmhouse Dining Table? Yes please.

I called Tommy from work yesterday (Monday) and our conversation went something like this….

Me: Hi babe. Whatcha doin’?

Tommy (breathing heavily): I’m building a dining room table.

Me: That’s cool. How’s that going for you?

Tommy: Good I think. You can tell me when you get home from work.

I got home from work Monday afternoon to find that Tommy had been building the frame to replicate this “Farmhouse Salvaged Wood” dining table from Restoration Hardware (above).

Some quick context, we went to our Restoration Hardware to look at/drool over this dining room table over the weekend.

Starting at $2,595 this table was nowhere near what we’re prepared to spend on a dining room table. Heck no way.

But we love the rustic style and the massiveness of the thing. We entertain a lot so we want something big. Like 12 people big. Small army, we-feed-teenagers-and college students-big.

Thanks to his recent discovery of Ana White’s blog, Tommy decided to recreate this Restoration Hardware Farmhouse dining table for us.

That includes distressing the wood and staining it himself.

Double brownie points for Tommy. I think this might involve as much manual labor as the fence.

The table is in progress, but I snapped some quick pics while Tommy was working. Check ‘em out……

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