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Half Bath Stencil – Take 2

So I finally ordered the stencil for our half-bath today. Yep – that’s it (above).

I ended up ordering a different one then I first considered in this blog post, but I think it’s going to be better suited for that bathroom.

This “Folk Flower” stencil by Royal Design Studio was $29, and I got 10% off discount thanks to a promo code from Young House Love.

I will probably use a similar color scheme to the one featured in this photograph, since it is in keeping with the rest of our downstairs.

And, we are going to remove the gross cosmetic light fixture above the vanity and hang this mini “Kristaller” chandelier from IKEA that we purchased back in February for $39.

By we, I mean Tommy. Right? Tommy? You’re going to install this chandelier?

(I might still be trying to convince him).

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