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In the spirit of full disclosure…

I stumbled upon this photo of our 2nd (of four!) paint colors in the family room. I didn’t realize we’d captured this chapter of our color confusion, but apparently we did.

(To read more on that saga, aka “the angriest I’ve ever seen Tommy, click here).

But those curtains? With that wall color? Yikes. Seriously, what the heck were we thinking?

I’m pretty sure we were thinking those blue curtains cost $8 a panel at Target and bore a striking resemblance to the color blue we had just painted the kitchen. But with $8 curtains, you get what you pay for.

I ran across town to three different Targets in Richmond to buy the collective 8 window panels that I needed for our four windows, we hung them, and they looked crappy. 24 hours later with my head hung low, I gathered them all up and returned every one….then went to Home Depot to pick out our 3rd paint color.

I don’t know which looked more out of place – those blue curtains or these plum IKEA curtains from when we first moved in last May. Tommy refers to the photo below my “plum period.” It was short-lived. Thank goodness.

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