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From Old to New

After it was all sanded down, I took my air compressor and blew all the dust off of it and then wiped it down with a damp rag. It was looking nice and clean and ready for the stain. This was first time staining something and it was a pretty rewarding process and easy to not mess up on. I would just stain various parts of the bench for a couple minutes and then go back and wipe off any excess. With the peculiar gaps and openings, it took me another two hours or so to get every inch covered.

Since this glider is going to spend it’s days outside it was real important for us to put some extra protection on it by applying at least two coats of polyurethane on it. If we had done this right when we bought it, I may have prevented all this work. Instead, I spent several more hours applying the polyurethane. I did one coat before the night was over and then allowed a full 12 hours or so before applying the second coat.

The finished product turned out like this;

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