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R, R, R, Ridiculous

Now we are just at the point of ridiculousness. Spell check confirms that “ridiculousness,” is in fact a word. Our pallet full of scrap wood was shrunk down to just a bundle. At this point, I could just throw it all away…but where’s the fun in that. I once again wondered, “what else could I build with this OR where else could this be used?”

The answer led me outdoors.

I had been wanting to spruce up our newly installed mailbox and mailbox post. He looked pretty lonesome just sitting in the corner of the front yard all by himself. My plan was to create a little circular flowerbed around the mailbox and add some nice color to the front yard. So I wanted to get something to hold it all together and create a level area to plant flowers. They sell various decorative items to do just that…but those cost money. I decided to experiment with the pickets and see what it would look like and how the pickets could be used.

I took my remaining scraps and measured about 4” down. From that point, I cut a 45degree angle to create a spike that I could hammer into the ground. Armed with my mini-sledge hammer, I staked the pickets into the ground and created this little perimeter. The pickets looked something like this;

I think we’ll eventually use some sort of stone to surround the mailbox but for now…this gets the job done. It adds a little something-something to the mailbox and it was free.

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