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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Some More

Did I mention that we had hundreds of pieces of scrap wood after building our fence? No exaggeration, there was a ton of leftovers. I had it piled up on top of the pallet that our bags of concrete were delivered on and it was at least waist high. After the creation of the Adirondack-ish bench, the pile was only about half-depleted. “What else could I build,” I wondered.

Looking at the pallet of wood sitting in the garage, looking at the garage, looking back at the pallet, I had the idea of building a nice little workbench. My inspiration came from memories of the workbenches that my dad built in our previous homes.

Once again, I sorted out all the leftover pieces according to length. This dictated the depth of a workbench that I could build. At this point, they were all fairly short (about 24’ after a straight cut across the top). I was all out of scrap 2x4”s and so a trip to Home Depot secured me about 5 more 2x4”s (about $10). I had one leftover 4x4” gothic post that I cut into 8” blocks to create support for the bottom shelf. Pictured here;

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