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Where It All Began

I call this photo, “Tommy Sibiga, the early years.” I found this little gem in my photo library on Monday night and couldn’t resist a quick post about it.

Tommy built this loft when he lived in Virginia Beach on 80th Street. It is a combination desk, closet, bed frame, shoe organizer and poster art wall.

In case you were wondering, the poster nailed to it says, “Tom is a true Mack Daddy. Pimp Tom pimp.” Not kidding. And we still have it – it greets me every time I walk up into our attic.

I wanted to share this photo because it’s a fun snapshot of Tommy’s early carpentry skills, which began long before we got married.

To give you a more current example, remember when Tommy posted about building us a backyard fence?

What I didn’t mention in that post is that Tommy also had a bunch of left over wood when the fence was complete. So I arrived home from work one afternoon to find this waiting for me in the garage:

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