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Next on the List…..

I just returned from a great weekend visiting my sweet friend Ginny Evans in Winston-Salem, NC – love that girl. She might live in the most charming house ever.

Even though I was away, my weekend was not without a trip to Home Depot. Ginny asked me for help painting her guest room, so we spent a couple hours on Saturday morning rolling walls and cutting trim. Her guest room is now a beautiful shade of green. We love paint. $30 and you can transform a room.

So speaking of paint, that’s what I am hoping to do with a couple of other rooms in our house this summer….first on my list being our half bath.

The half bath is the only room in our downstairs living area that we haven’t touched yet. It’s technically under our stairwell, and as you can see below, I have to crouch against the wall to even get a descent shot of the sink and vanity:

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