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Cream, Tan, Blue, and Green - All Color Stages of Our Family Room

You could say our family room underwent a “journey” of colors. It was a journey. Probably the most angry I have ever seen Tommy was when I came home from work with a fresh bucket of green paint in my hand and a new paintbrush.

At that point, we were on color number four, and Tommy had just finished rolling and trimming the family room for time number three in (sky blue) the night before. It was a light sky blue, and since we had just painted the dining room a rich gray, the transition was…. in my opinion, there was no transition.

Tommy liked the blue, but I felt like we needed to go a different direction with the family room. So I stopped by Home Depot on the way home from work and bought a new gallon of green paint without telling Tommy. Oh man. The nerve.

Being the sweet guy that he is, Tommy eventually pulled out his edging brush after watching me attempt to cut the window trim myself and began pouring paint into his own cup.  I should not cut trim.

And so the room is now sage green – and we love it.

We also made a few other intentional changes to the furniture and window curtains to help the room feel more open and light.

We sold our tan sectional on Craig’s List and bought a new, large tan couch for the same price at Ashley Furniture. (Although we loved our sectional, we knew that it awkwardly cut our narrow, rectangular family room in two).

We bought two leather slipper chairs from Target on sale to compensate for the seating we lost on the sectional, but that would be light enough for us to move around.

We took down the plum IKEA curtains that we bought when we purchased the house and replaced them with faux wood blinds in a dark mahogany brown. A cleaner look for a low-price.

Ditching the curtains was our biggest question mark, and in the end – we’re glad we did. Since our family room has four windows, we realized putting a set of heavy curtains that puddle at the floor on each window made the room feel claustrophobic.

Instead we put one set of faux silk curtains in chocolate brown over the French doors to the back porch to add height to our ceiling.

We also ditched the mirror over the fireplace and purchased a set of inexpensive prints and frames at IKEA to replace the mirror. $30 for everything. Love IKEA.

There are still a few other details Ellie wants to add to the family room, but Tommy just shakes his head. So, it’s done for now.

Here’s our living room before (in its cream stage)…..

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