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From Apartment-Renters to Home-Buyers

Our First Apartment – 9264 Hanover Crossings Drive

It was about this time last year that we began our house hunt. We debated whether or not to wait a little further into the spring, but the appeal of qualifying for a first time homebuyers’ tax credit, coupled with an unexpected family inheritance gift sped along the process.

Being the project-loving people that we are, Tommy and I also wanted the opportunity to enhance and improve something that was entirely our own. (Rewind about ten years back for Tommy and you might say this same love for projects manifested itself in a multitude of pimped out cars).

And ultimately, we were ready to plant ourselves in Hanover. Last spring marked Tommy’s fourth year on staff with Young Life in Hanover County, and we knew then (and continue to feel) that we’re in Hanover for a reason.

We have college students, adult volunteers, and high school students in and out of our home on a weekly basis. As ministry continued to grow last year, we quickly realized our 900 square foot apartment wasn’t quite as conducive to traffic flow of people we experience on a regular basis.

We were ready for a larger space to cultivate existing relationships and grow new ones. A house in the heart of the area we serve….with the added opportunity to build and create.

For more photos of our first apartment, check out the photo gallery below:

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