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72” Table

Shawty whatcha think? The Restoration Hardware table that was the inspiration for our dining room is listed at two sizes; one at 96” long and one at 72”. The 96” runs for about $3195 and the 72” costs $2595. It was only a matter of time before I had the opportunity to build a smaller table. I just finished one that’s measuring in at 72” x 42” for an eat-in kitchen. With the optional extensions the table then measure in at just over 8’ long. Anyways, I’ll keep this post brief because I built it just like I have the other tables….the only noticeable difference is that I notched out for the extensions at 20” spacing versus 24” on the other building plans. I’ve included some up-close pictures to help show how I attach the tabletop to the base. Here’s my cut list for a table that’s 72” x 42”. I plan for 4” overhang on each side of the short side and 2” overhang on the long side.

Tabletop: 2x12x57 (4)
Breadboards: 2x8x42 (2)
Legs: 4x4x28.5 (4)
4×4 Stretcher: 4x4x38.25 (2)
2×4 Stretcher: 2x4x64.25 (1)
End Apron: 2x4x31 (2)
Inside End Apron: 2x4x34 (2)
Side Aprons: 2x4x57 (2)
Under Supports: 2x4x34 (2)

Extensions (2)
Breadboards: 2x8x42 (4)
Supports: 2x2x38 (4)
Additional Support: 2x2x20 (2)


So…….How do you like the shorter table? Do the breadboards look alright in proportion to everything?

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